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The bad news (unless you're a Michigan fan) - Ohio State lost today. But they put up a damn good fight. Considering our last two games, I wasn't feeling optimistic anyway, but considering we've dominated over the past decade and it looks like we're getting a new coach...well, there's always next year.

Otherwise, it's been a good day. I've been very productive. Two loads of laundry done and one in the washing machine. I bathed both dogs (and cleaned up the aftermath). I am nearly done photographing all of our movies for inventory. And I suppose I'll vacuum at some point when Lance is watching something that's okay to interrupt (he's got one of the Indiana Jones movies on right now).

Lance needed to buy a couple new pairs of Levi's, so we headed to the Levi's Outlet Store at the SuperMall. Fifteen minutes later, Lance had 2 new pairs of jeans, and we popped into the Sprint store there to get car chargers for our phones. They were on sale for $10 each (original price - $29.99). SCORE!

He decided to go to Walmart, even though looking at the parking lot was enough to turn me off from going in. But it wasn't that bad. We made a quick trip to the automotive and electronics departments, but didn't turn up anything he was looking for. Then we got a few groceries. Unfortunately, their bakery is no longer selling pumpkin rolls. They had red velvet cake rolls instead. I suppose that's actually a good thing, since I don't really NEED more dessert. But at least I got the ingredients to make penne alfredo with Italian sausage tomorrow night.

We made a quick stop at Home Depot before going home. I stayed in the car and there was a guy sitting in the parking lot playing guitar. He was just outside our Subaru. He was very talented, actually, so it was nice for me to sit in the car and listen to him play.

Home now and I want to relax this evening. I'm just reheating meatballs for dinner. I think I want to watch Mary Poppins or something this evening, but it's likely that I'll watch it on my laptop. I'm sure Lance will find something he wants to watch tonight, and I'm pretty sure it'll be something that I have absolutely no interest in seeing.
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