May. 6th, 2011

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The truth is, every one of you who has donated is awesome. And you're making me look awesome. Thanks. :)

I'm smiling so huge over this email right now. This is from one of the members of the Relay for Life team that I joined last week. (I bolded the part that's making me grin from ear to ear at the moment.)


We should start getting excited about being part of Kent's Relay For Life team! Your involvement is going to help make a difference and help the American Cancer Society save more lives from cancer so let's turn on the light bulb in your brain cells for our team planning, fundraising and events IDEAS. Please call or email with any questions, suggestions, brain storms or ideas you might have for our team to be pro-active and contribute something important to the event itself.

But first here's an official WELCOME to you all who have signed up. WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME and Thank you for your time.

Please be sure to edit your individual Web page to give it your personal touch! Also, send out as many emails as possible to your friends, family, and coworkers letting them know you signed up to take part in Relay, and to ask for their support to help us reach our team goal which is $___________. Karyn, I have asked that your name be put on the Survivor Team. And you go girl!!! Ladies we need to get out there and start that fund raising thing going on. Did you see what Karyn has raised?!?

We may be a small little team but let's get out there and show the community how MIGHTY we can be! Fundraise! Call! E-mail!


I've raised $500 before I even joined up with a team. Since then, I've raised an additional $110. Please see my fundraising page for more details.


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