Nov. 2nd, 2011

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I've been giving a lot of thought to my career. I've been pursuing the writer's life, at least for income, since 2005. I found out pretty quickly that travel writing doesn't really pay the bills. I did that mostly for fun, and for some pocket change. And I still love dabbling in it from time to time. It's probably my most creative writing outlet. (I used to write fiction and, how things have changed!)

Career-wise though, I always wanted to do something that combines my writing and editing skills with my education background. Unfortunately, I don't have an education degree. I plan to get one for my master's - maybe in instructional design? But I currently write and edit educational content. First, I started off writing and editing content about adult education. Now, I focus on K-12. Of the two, I have more experience and interest in adult education.

(Some of you who have been longtime readers already know all this, but I thought I would clarify this for some, because even people who have known me a long time don't really understand what I do.)

So...if I can't focus on travel writing as a career (I'm happy to keep it as a hobby, if it comes to that), I'd most happily write and edit educational content for the rest of my life. Eventually, I would like to work in curriculum development and write (and possibly teach) online courses and things of that nature. I think I should have an education degree in order to do that. I have some teaching experience, but not a lot. Two years of college composition, and about three years as a K-12 substitute teacher in Europe. And then a few months as a tutor - once for a Greek student who was learning English, and more recently with a Supplemental Educational Services provider. But I never actually studied education - although I've done a lot of research about it online - so I think I need some kind of formal training.

I plan to continue pursuing this path once we're settled in the D.C. area. Hoping to enroll in a master's program before my 40th birthday, so I have about 3.5 years to reach that goal.

If there was one important thing (besides our dogs) that I got out of living here, it was that I finally figured out what I'm meant to actually do with my life. I knew that I somehow needed to write and edit, it was just finding the niche that I'm meant to be in. And I've discovered that since I've been here.


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