Nov. 6th, 2011

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Theoretically, we were supposed to get an extra hour of sleep last night. But the dogs started stirring at 6 AM and made a team effort to get us out of bed. They normally start this process around 7 AM on weekends...maybe 6:30, but it was 6:00 this morning. For about half an hour, the dogs would alternate sides of the bed. Reece would come over to my side of the bed and nudge me and get pets, and then Blitz would come over and she would go to Lance's side of the bed. It was kind of amusing and annoying at the same time.

So yeah, no extra hour of sleep for us. We refused to get out of bed though, and Reece eventually decided to jump on the bed and snuggle in between us. And then Blitz did the same. So it was just a pile of humans and dogs on the bed, which was pretty awesome, until Reece kicked me in the face.

So, the dogs were kicked off the bed. And Lance and I got up.

It's ok, really. I need to get some editing done today and do a bit of studying for this grant writing class. I'm only on lesson 3, and I feel like I should be much further along by now, but things keep happening to get me off track.

I also need to go to Famous Footwear and find some snow boots. I liked the selection they had on their website, and there was a pair I liked that is available in-store, so I'm going to check and see if the FF here in Kent has them. If not, I guess I'll order them online. I just don't like ordering shoes online because you can't try them on before you buy. But I would think that if you order boots online and they don't fit properly, you can at least return them to the store. I'll check first.

And tonight is the season finale of Downton Abbey. I am kind of dreading it, because I've seen some clips from this episode and some DO NOT WANT things are happening. But there is also a Christmas special next month which will hopefully right some of the wrongs that I expect to crop up in this episode.


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