Nov. 20th, 2011

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I had a morning of baking (and I started laundry, too), but the afternoon was for yard work. Lance did most of it, since my shoulder's still not entirely healed, but I felt strong enough to help him with the leaves. The windstorm we had a few days ago dumped a bunch of leaves all over our front and back yard, so Lance blew the leaves into piles with the leaf blower and I picked them up and put them in the yard waste bin. I was outside for almost an hour.

It was kind of chilly - upper 30s. But the longer I worked, the warmer I got. I have to say that my shoulder hurts more now that I'm inside. I hope it doesn't get any worse. I felt like I could handle it.

I'm making tacos for dinner tonight. I decided on this a bit late, so the beef will mostly be frozen, but it wouldn't be the first time I made something with frozen ground beef. It'll thaw out once I put it in the pan.

There's a good possibility we'll wake up to snow tomorrow. That might cause some traffic issues, but Lance said it should be warm enough by 9 AM or so to switch to rain. And then it would be a bit safer for me to go out. Because I need to deliver the turkey to the food pantry tomorrow and then go to the grocery store to pick up some things. I should stop by my salon and get my bangs trimmed too, although I'm actually almost due for a haircut. But that can wait a little longer.

It's going to be strange to wake up in the morning and not have any editing to think about. Instead, I have spreadsheets to think about...I need to start the list making for our move. Titles of movies and books we own. Descriptions of electronics with serial numbers. I also have some house cleaning to do.

I think I'm mostly done working for today, with the exception of cooking dinner and cleaning up after that. And I want to tackle some of the paper pile that needs shredding.


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