Nov. 22nd, 2011

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The house is starting to get clean. And I found that listening to the Michael Buble channel on Pandora helps me with that. Don't ask me why. I felt compelled to listen to his music (which I enjoy when I hear it on the radio, but never beyond that before), and Pandora threw in some Sinatra and Dean Martin. And it was all very happy-making. And the cleaning got done.

And I'm feeling pretty good today. No shoulder soreness/discomfort like yesterday. I took a nap this afternoon, which I needed on account of the dogs always waking me up so early in the morning.

Looking forward to Thursday. Tomorrow, I have a bit more cleaning, and I have to bake a loaf of cranberry bread. I have no plans to go anywhere, so I suspect that tomorrow will be much like today. Only tomorrow's dinner may be better. I made tuna and noodles for dinner this evening, and it was pretty bland. To be honest, I was craving a huge, steaming bowl of bibimbap from Chopstick Teriyaki. I really should go back there and get some before we leave. That's the perfect dish for nasty weather like what we had today.
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Lance is getting my old computer ready to give to his mom, which means he has to wipe the hard drive. Which means I had to get the files that I wanted off of it.

So I'm looking through old pictures.

I found one that I really like...the light in it is pretty amazing, I think. I'm pretty sure that's what I was trying to capture when I took it.


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