Nov. 23rd, 2011

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I'm kind of freaking out about tomorrow, suddenly fearing that I don't actually have enough food. Which is ridiculous, because I've always gotten too much food in previous years, and I suspect I finally got just the right amount this time.

There will be no shortage of desserts anyway. So even if we run out of everything else, THERE WILL BE DESSERT.

I have cranberry bread in the oven right now. I have meatballs and turkey cocktail smokies in the slow cooker. Lance and I will eat those tonight with a Pillsbury French Loaf, crackers, and cheese. I intend to reheat the leftovers for tomorrow night's post-feast nibbling, and even if I run out of those, I have a back-up package of chicken smokies in the freezer. And I have crescent rolls. I could make tiny pigs (or chicks) in a blanket. HAHA.

So need to fear. We have PLENTY.

I think the sudden panic came from opening up the fridge and seeing the pumpkin roll and the turkey tenderloin side-by-side. And the pumpkin roll is BIGGER. No kidding. But yes, I have enough turkey for 3 people. There may be some leftovers and there may not. But there's enough for the main meal and that's what matters.

I'm still trying to decide if I want buttered corn or something a little fancier (and therefore, more fattening). I was going to do a creamy corn by stirring some chive and onion cream cheese into it, but then I realized that Lance probably wouldn't like it that way, since he's not a fan of flavored cream cheese (unless it's strawberry). Then I tried to look up some sort of scalloped corn recipe that uses ingredients I already have. I think I found one. But maybe I should just keep it simple and not create more work for myself. But hmmmm...I am intrigued by scalloped corn. I always had green bean casserole (and I guess Lance did too), and last year, I think I just did some simple balsamic carrots. But this year, I want corn.

I'll figure it out. Nothing I'm cooking is complicated anyway, so if I find a recipe for scalloped corn that doesn't require me to run out to the store, I might as well just do it.

I should chill some Chardonnay for tonight. I'll be using it for the roasted baby bella mushrooms tomorrow anyway.

Well, I just finished up lunch, so I guess I better get some work done this afternoon. Maybe I should wait for the bread to finish first.


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