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Claire Sophie England

10 pounds (exactly)
21 inches long

We don't really know the time of the birth because we still find the time difference confusing. Mom didn't know if it was 6:30 AM or 6:30 PM when Claire came forth into the world. So I think the question is right now, is her birthday June 3rd or June 4th? I'm going with June 4th, and I think she was born in the morning. I believe it's about 7:30 am or so on the 4th in Guam right now, so this would make more sense, since Mom just got the phone call a short while ago.

Cristine and baby are doing great. Eva is a big sister!

I hope to have a picture soon.

ETA: She was born at 3:15 AM on June 4th. I already have pictures posted, if you want to be on the filter.
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Reece ate a blanket last night. ATE A BLANKET. I had an extra blanket folded on the bed to help keep me warm at night (we turn down the heat, so it's around 67 degrees or so in the bedroom when we sleep). I was in the shower and she was on the bed. So I guess she started pulling strings out of the blanket...Lance walked in and found a pile of string on the bed and floor and she had worked up a fairly large hole. And I'm almost positive that she ingested some of it.

Of course, being a Lab, she can pretty much ingest anything and seem nonplussed by it. Such is the case. She knew that Lance was angry with her for what she did. She spent a good part of last night with her ears down and her tail between her legs and she avoided him for awhile and clung to me.

I wasn't thrilled with her either. But this isn't exactly a random act of destruction. She does this kind of stuff all the time. You should see my curtains.

And in other family news, my niece has a concussion. Oddly enough, it happened at the hospital when my SIL was having her ultrasound. Another girl about Eva's age came over to hug her, and Eva was caught off guard and fell straight backwards (like a falling tree, as my SIL described it) and her head hit the tile floor really hard. She cried, but otherwise seemed fine.

The next day, she was walking funny and there was a considerable amount of projectile vomiting. So off to the doctor, and tests showed that it was a concussion.

She's fine and pretty much back to her normal self again. But just hearing that story earlier made my flesh crawl. I can't imagine how scary that must've been for my brother and SIL. It freaked me out just hearing about it!

Good Things

Apr. 5th, 2008 10:14 pm
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The lawn got mowed. We only had a few sprinkles and the yard wasn't soggy, so I was able to get it done.

Grandma called. She got the candle I made for her and absolutely loved it. She refused to believe that I actually made it, so I had to explain the process to her. She doesn't think she will ever light it.

I just got off the phone with my sister-in-law, Cristine. Things look to be all set for my niece's surgery and it looks like, as of now, my brother is going to be able to be there with them. And that is probably the most exciting news of all. He has already missed some milestones in Eva's life. He'll get to spend about 2 weeks getting caught up with them.

I'm trying to ignore the fact, for now, that I can't be there. Because my trip to New York state doesn't quite match up to when they'll be there. They'll arrive just as I'm leaving. So I won't see my niece. I won't see Scott or Cristine. And I won't see my mom, who will be going there too.
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I have three pages of writing to take to my writing group tomorrow. I can't guarantee that it will be good. And it's not funny as I hoped it would be. But it's something, at least.

Obviously it will require several revisions. But I've already revised it a few times and it's better than it was.

Just need to print it out tomorrow and run off to make several copies before the meeting. It starts at 10 AM, so I guess it'll be a relatively early morning for me tomorrow, since I'll have to run those errands before I go to the library, which is where we are meeting.


In other news, my niece was approved for surgery in New York City in May, and she'll be there around the time I'll be in Rochester. So instead of going to Niagara Falls for a weekend trip, as I was considering, I think I'll be flying from Rochester into NYC to spend some time with Cristine and Eva. It'll probably be before she has her surgery. My mom and aunt are planning on going too. It'll be a small family reunion of sorts, but not under the most ideal of circumstances.


Feb. 6th, 2008 08:08 pm
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Just got a call from Guam.

Baby Eva is teething. Poor sweet little thing. I heard her fussing in the background while I talked to her mommy.

The phone kept cutting out, but we still had a good conversation. My brother is doing okay on his deployment.

I didn't know this, but because we are Eva's legal guardians, we are also responsible for her care if both of her parents deploy at the same time (Mommy is in the Marine Reserves). She wanted to let me know that, and she made arrangements with her mother to come to Guam and get Eva and drop her off to us if that should happen.

So if that happens, that will be our crash course in parenthood.
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Eva and her proud papa!
Eva and her proud papa!
This little one is going to be a Daddy's girl...I can feel it!

And I can't stop thinking that my kid brother is a dad! In so many ways, he is still just a kid to me. I didn't start seeing him as an adult until I was at his graduation from basic training in the Navy. And I still have a hard time seeing him that way. And now HE'S A FATHER. I just find it incomprehensible.
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I am absolutely ecstatic to announce the birth of my niece:

Eva Jenet England (There's an accent over one of those e's in Jenet - it's French)

Born sometime after 6 pm on 11/7/07 at the US Naval Hospital, Guam (so yes, she was born early in the day for me here in Germany and for my mother in Ohio).

Brown hair, blue eyes, good set of lungs (she gets that from me...hehe). Mom talked to my brother while he was in the room with Cristine and the baby and she could hear Eva crying in the background.

She weighed about 7.5 pounds. (I use weights that weigh more than that!)

Pictures forthcoming.

As to why my brother didn't call...he had no explanation, really. Everyone was tired. He was thrilled that he got to deliver the baby. When Cristine got to her final push, he was allowed to go around and pull Eva out into the world.

I congratulated my Mom, who is now Nanna, on her first granddaughter. She congratulated me on my first niece.

Chocolate cigars for everyone! ;)

(Oh, and for once, I WAS NOT THE LAST TO KNOW! Mom had 2 other phone calls to make after she called me. Hehe.)


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