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Jun. 22nd, 2008 04:43 pm
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My singular obsession lately has been getting the guest room ready for my upcoming visitors, and doing it as cheaply as possible.

We haven't been able to paint in there yet. The walls are stark white. The bedspread (which I had when we were in Germany) is also white. There are no window treatments, other than plain blinds. I have two sheet sets for that bed...both are blue.

So I basically had a blank canvas to work with and even though I didn't have a particular color scheme in mind, I wanted to go with bright, cheerful colors.


I scored at Tuesday Morning yesterday. I got two duck down throw pillows for $20...very cushiony and soft. One is light green with a darker green, white, and pink and darker pink paisley design. The other pillow is the same paisley design, but it's a white pillow with the greens and pinks. I also got a soft pink throw to put at the foot of the bed.

Today I scored again at McChord. Two Tommy Hilfiger pillow shams - 75% off, they were $10 each - in a very brightly colored floral design that featured the same colors as the throw pillows, plus blue, orange and yellow. The bed, if nothing else, is going to look awesome. it just needs a headboard (which isn't a priority at the moment).

After I bought the throw pillows, I went to Target and got some dark pink faux silk curtain panels to hang in the window.

Now I just have to think about wall hangings. I have some tile art, painted in Africa, that I think might match that room now. And I plan to get enlargements of some of my botanical photos to get matted and framed.

I'm getting really excited.


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