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Illiteracy, especially adult illiteracy.
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White Christmas.

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I'm already getting the Kindle that I want. I guess my REAL wish list would be getting the chance to leave here on January 9th with a totally clean slate. And I want my friends and family to be happy and healthy.
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It depends. I love travel memoirs, history books and historical fiction just about equally. So I guess the best way to answer this is to say that my preference depends on my mood. If I want something a bit more leisurely, I reach for fiction. If I want to read something a bit more educational, I'll dive into non-fiction.

Right now, I'm on a bit of a fiction kick. I'm reading something that's a bit fluffier than my usual fare: Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler. I tend to choose fiction when I'm dealing with a particularly stressful time in my life. Non-fiction, at least sometimes, can be pretty brainy stuff, and I tend to enjoy that more when things are a bit calmer and I have the energy to delve into it and think about it.
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Last night, actually. I was lying in bed, awake, reflecting on this year. This has been one of the worst years of my life, if not the worst. And we're two weeks from Thanksgiving, which has always been a huge deal in my family. So I started thinking about family and what we lost this year when Grandma passed away. We didn't just lose her, but we lost her house (where I made some of the most significant memories of my life), our traditions, the very backbone of our family. The loss is immeasurable, and it seems to resonate more at particular times of the year. I'm missing her more and more as we get closer to the holiday season, knowing I can't just call her on a whim, yet aching so much to talk to her, to hear her voice.

It was around this time last year - maybe closer to the end of November - that Mom started telling me of her suspicions that something was wrong with Grandma. In December of last year, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. But then, of course, it was in January when the brain tumor was discovered and we realized that it wasn't Alzheimer's after all. You know it's a horrible situation when cancer is the lesser of two evils, even if it's terminal cancer. It was close to this time last year that my life changed...when I realized that she was slipping away. It was February when we lost her. Nine months ago. There was only a three month time period (or maybe not even quite that long) between the time we knew something was wrong and the time she was gone - not enough time to accept and process. And now it's been nine months since she's been gone, and in some ways, I still haven't processed it.

So yes, I cried last night as I reflected on all of this. How different things were a year ago! This time last year, my days of blissful ignorance about her condition were coming to a close, and life would never be the same after I knew.
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30th birthday. Prague.

That's really all you need to know. I was in Prague. On my 30th birthday. That is cool enough in and of itself. Prague is an amazing city. A gorgeous, fascinating city.

But here's more:

- Dinner at a fabulous restaurant that looked like Pier 1 blew up inside of it. This restaurant also had a home decor shop within it guessed it...looked like Pier 1.

- Ballet at the National Theatre. Giselle.
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5 Things I Love:

- the mountains and Puget Sound: I don't have to choose whether I want to live near mountains or water because I can do both!

- the culinary scene: superb restaurants...and gosh, but we love our farmers markets here.

- so much to see and do

- excellent bookstores

- great parks, most of which are very dog-friendly

Really, I could go on.

5 Things I Hate:

- the cost of living

- the job market

- geographically, I'm still far away from my family

- the traffic

- the weather, for about 2/3 of the year

Compared to:

Findlay, Ohio: well, I still love Findlay. It's my birthplace. But things there are much quieter and slower-paced than here.

Columbus, Ohio: Seattle beats Columbus, hands down. Except for the fact that Seattle doesn't have Ohio State University. :) I still love Columbus. Columbus is home for me emotionally. But the scenery is blah compared to here. And there is so much more here culturally, food-wise, etc.

Germany: Considering that my 4 years there were probably the happiest of my life up to this point, Germany trumps Seattle. But mostly because it was a great base of operations from which to explore the rest of Europe. I traveled a lot more. We were more carefree when we lived there. We didn't have as many real-life burdens weighing us down. So yes, in that respect, Germany was better.
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Elizabeth Bennet - I think she would be great fun to hang out with. We could make snarky remarks about Mr. Collins and hate/love Mr. Darcy together. Oh, and roll our eyes at her ridiculous sisters.

Plus, it might be fun to wear a Regency era costume for a day.
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It depends on the time of day.

"Play time, Mommy!"


"Give me treats!"


"Walk, Mommy...walk, Mommy...walk, Mommy..."


"Night nights time?"
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Mr. Shakespeare: Just to settle the matter once and for all, did you actually write your plays?

(Of course, if we ever got a definitive answer to this question, the life's work of many scholars would be rendered completely worthless.)
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I used to work at Budget Rent a Car. One night, I was working at the desk inside the airport, and Shemar Moore came up to ask where the baggage claim office was for American Airlines. I had already heard him being paged over the loudspeaker earlier. I didn't; however, expect to actually see him.

Considering he is even hotter in person than he is on TV...yeah, it was pretty exciting. Best day at work ever.

The attendant working at Avis right next to me stood there with her jaw to the floor. I was probably doing the same thing. Once he walked away, we totally freaked out.

If you don't know who he is, he's on the show Criminal Minds, and he used to be on The Young and the Restless.
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Books. And no. (Are books an indulgence? I pretty much consider them a necessity.)

(I almost said chocolate.)
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I had an old LJ, which I got rid of once I got married and moved to Germany. I thought that was a good time to start fresh with a new LJ. So I started a new account and called it little_liebchen. That's something Lance called me once, right after he moved to Germany (he moved there before I did) and started learning German.

But people kept misspelling it all the time and it no longer seemed to fit after awhile. I had started my writing career by that point and had a few publications under my belt. I wanted a new LJ name that seemed a bit more sophisticated and was also a subtle nod to my writing life.

I spent awhile trying to find the right word. "Prosaic" had already been taken, and that's the name I actually wanted. Although the word has a couple definitions, one of which is not entirely flattering.

–adjective 1. commonplace or dull; matter-of-fact or unimaginative: a prosaic mind.
2. of or having the character or form of prose rather than poetry.

And then, there was [ profile] prosodic:

–noun 1. the science or study of poetic meters and versification.
2. a particular or distinctive system of metrics and versification: Milton's prosody.
3. Linguistics. the stress and intonation patterns of an utterance.

(Credit both definitions to


And that became my LJ username (after I got a rename token) and also one of my email addresses. A friend exclaimed, when given my new email address, that she loved this new name, because it perfectly reflected my love of words. That was entirely the point. :) I'm glad someone got it.
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I'm not interested in status quo when it comes to books or movies. I tend to shun anything that's mainstream. My interests generally don't align with mainstream anyway.

As far as books go, I'm not a fan of sci fi/fantasy. I dislike horror novels. I will deal with some suspense or mystery, but only if it is integrated with historical fiction. I like books that make me think, so anything with a predictable plot doesn't hold my attention.

In terms of movies, I'm not into horror flicks. I don't like movies that are full of fratboy/crude humor (i.e., pretty much everything Lance likes). Also don't like movies with excessive gore. I saw 4 movies in the cinema in 2009 and 2 of those 4 movies played with limited release because they did not appeal to mainstream audiences. I loved those 2 movies best of all.

Yeah, there's always social events/discussions going on about the mainstream books and movies ("Twilight" in particular comes to mind, and since I live in Washington state, I want to scream whenever I hear a reference to the movie or to Forks or whatever...we have an entire tourism industry here that is built on the books and movies and I am SO SICK of hearing about it.) - frankly, I don't really care if I'm not involved in those discussions. I've found my own little group of friends who share my "atypical" interests and I'm more than happy to share my thoughts with them. I feel like we're in some exclusive club. :)

Eh, call me a snob or whatever. I own up to it.
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Of course, there are obvious answers to this question. There are reasons why most foreign visitors go to places like New York City or Las Vegas or Florida. (And I've heard Mall of America mentioned too by foreign visitors, which makes me scratch my head a little. To each their own.)

I would encourage them to come to Seattle. (Not right now though, because it's FOURTEEN degrees.)

Seattle has the best of all possible worlds. We have water (Puget Sound) and beaches (even if they're not particularly hot and sandy). We have mountains (Cascade and Olympic ranges). We have a thriving and interesting downtown. Wineries. Outdoor sports. Excellent restaurants. Phenomenal arts and culture scene. An eclectic mix of international cultures and flavors. We have coffee! (Yes, I'm being a little tongue-in-cheek here.) Good public transportation. Excellent shopping. Fantastic farmers markets. Lots of very different and fascinating museums, many of which are excellent for kids.

I could go on.

And yes, there is the weather. It rains here a lot. It's often dark. But when the weather is glorious (June through September), it is well and truly glorious. Sunny, clear skies. Temperatures that are just right (forget about that 109 degree day we had in late July).

There's a lot to like about Seattle. Living here can be another matter altogether, but I can certainly see the appeal for a tourist.
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We always put the decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Lance and I did it yesterday. I decorated the fireplace and put up my mini tree that I've had since high school. And then we put up the big tree in our living room.

We don't do any exterior lights. My family always used to when I was growing up, but when Lance and I lived in Germany, there weren't many houses that used exterior lighting, so we just didn't do it. And we haven't done it since we moved back to the U.S. (mostly because we don't really have any extra lights to do exterior lighting...maybe next year).

I only leave up the decorations until about New Year's Day or the day after. At the point, the holidays are over and I want to get on with my life. Lance doesn't usually like to take them down so early, but I insist on it. It helps me get the new year started off right.
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Yeah...yesterday's question, obviously. But today's question is kind of stupid (and for the record, I have both a landline and a cell).

If I could have one wish come true this month - no brainer - I would get a really good long-term writing contract that would give us a little more security and get me out of this current situation. Or in general, I can launch my freelance career successfully again and have multiple projects to work on, because that makes things a lot more interesting. And I can make the kind of money that freelancers make on average (which is twice what I was making at Paychex).

It takes awhile though. I know it won't happen in a month.

But things ARE happening. My Twitter following is growing. Normally, I wouldn't read anything into that, but I have some very useful people following me. Writers, photographers, and people affiliated with TV shows and print publications...people who could potentially provide leads. YAY for networking! So I'll keep riding it and see where it takes me. I had my doubts about Twitter and its usefulness. But now I definitely see its potential.


It's windy today, and our temperature gauge outside appears to be out of order at the moment, so I have no idea what the temperature is outside. It's not raining, at least. But I would like to know if there is the potential for spending some time outdoors, plus I am supposed to go enjoy Kathy's hot tub today, and I don't want to do that if I'm going to get out and freeze my butt off.

But I have other stuff to do first. A bit of cleaning around the house. More freelance gig searches. Getting Reece some exercise.

The cleaning is going to be difficult. I was playing with Reece outside last night after dinner and was trying to extract a ball from her teeth and in the process of that, extracted a rather sizeable chunk of skin off the pad of my left index finger. It hurt like hell (all those nerve-endings there, you know). It bled even more. And I have to keep it bandaged. It makes doing routine tasks a bit tricky. Even getting that finger wet causes searing pain on the tip of my finger. The gross part was when I went back outside to clean up after dinner and picked Reece's ball up off the grass and actually saw my missing chunk of skin sticking to it. Ewwwwww.

Reece felt bad because she thought she hurt Mommy (given that we were playing one minute and then I was screaming in a mixture of pain and surprise the next), but this one was totally my fault. She immediately followed me inside after it happened and watched me clean and bandage my wound, with this look of guilt and shame on her face the whole time. I had to reassure her that I wasn't mad at her.

She's a good pup, she is.

Anyway, I guess I better get started on something constructive.
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I was born in Findlay, Ohio at Blanchard Valley Hospital. Lived in a nice house pretty close to the hospital, just around the corner from my grandparents. That house burned to the ground a few years after we moved out.

Our next house was on Hillcrest Ave. on the other side of town. I lived there until I was almost 10. Then my parents decided to move to Columbus, and my brothers and I temporarily lived with our grandparents.

1985 - Columbus, Ohio! Clinton Street, in a duplex in a really crappy neighborhood. We didn't live there long. We moved to the west suburbs later that year - Lincoln Village. First we lived in Yarmouth Lane and then we moved to Sturbridge (both single-family homes). This covered my residences from ages 10-16. Then my parents separated and my Mom and I moved into an apartment. I lived there until after high school. Then my mom met my stepdad and they bought a house together and I moved in with my dad, back to the house on Sturbridge.

In 1995, I got an apartment on the eastside of Columbus with a roommate. Awful neighborhood. My roommate and I worked two jobs (both of our jobs were at the same place, so we were constantly together) to pay the rent. I didn't live there long either...less than a year. I sublet and moved in with my mom and stepdad until I went back to college in early 1996.

Then I lived with my paternal grandmother in a trailer home in Van Buren, Ohio while I commuted to Bowling Green State University, spending a brief time again with my grandparents in Findlay. My second semester, I rented a room in a boarding house near campus.

Then I transferred to Ohio State, living with my mom and stepdad again, who were by then living in a house on Maribeth Place in Grove City, OH. I stayed there until I got my own apartment on Chambers Avenue in 2000, close to OSU campus. I had already graduated from OSU at that point. I was working at nearby Chemical Abstracts.

I lived at that apartment for a year. I moved back in with my mom and stepdad for a few months, until I moved down to Oxford, OH for grad school. I lived in a townhouse-style apartment there on Locust St. for 2 years. Moved back in with the parents again until Lance and I got married and we moved to Germany (by this time, they were living in another house on Cypress Creek Drive...just down the street from where they live now).

Two houses in Germany: one in Kreuzrath on Hauptstrasse. The other in Schierwaldenrath on Am Bahnhof.

And now Kent, Washington.

Least favorite - probably my room at the boarding house. Awful roommates and I never had any privacy.

Most favorite - the house in Schierwaldenrath. I loved it so much. Except for all the spiders. I think I have the best memories there. Lance and I were so happy in Germany.


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