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Happiest of birthdays to [ profile] navygreen and [profile] hetterrific...I wish you both a wonderful day! *HUGS*

I'm heading out here shortly for the gym, where I need to work off last night's AWGK turkey dinner, as well as my sugar binge from Brussels on Saturday. I won a box of chocolates last night too, so I need to make a pre-emptive strike against that. Heh. Actually, that wasn't the only prize that I could choose from, but it didn't make sense to take a prize that I would have to box up and ship back to the States. So I took the only edible prize. It should appease Lance, who was confused and slightly upset that I didn't bring home any Belgian chocolates the other day.

As everyone was leaving, someone asked me when I was moving, and I said December 9th. And then she said that had she known that, I would've gotten a proper AWGK send-off. But really, that's okay. For the most part, I want to go quietly. Besides, most of the women in the organization don't really know me all that well. Almost every time I go to a meeting, I'm asked if I'm new. That's how unnoticeable I am. And that's okay. I tend to show up, find the table where Andrea and Teri are sitting, and spend all evening there, so I really don't spend a lot of time talking to other people. It's not that I'm closed off from's just that my current friends are people whom I know to be sincere and loyal, and I'm not in a place where I feel like getting emotionally attached to other people, only to have them turn on me, as has happened so many times before since I've lived here. I've lost so many friends here before our friendships hardly even started, and I don't even know what I did to make them turn against me. I'm just myself, and that's all I can be.

Anyway, I'm going to the movies with Andrea and Jeff tonight, lunch tomorrow with Christine, Ruth and Andrea (if we can track Ruth down...she has been incommunicado for 2 weeks now), and IWC on Thursday I'm not lacking for things to do this week. And that's great, because anything that makes the time go faster is fine by me. But Thursday night might very well be my final night out with Andrea (she leaves for a 3 week trip to Canada next week) and I probably won't see Teri again, so it'll be emotional, for sure.

I should get off to spinning class now...I meant to leave earlier than this.


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