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Four years ago - just a few days before we left Germany - two friends (one of whom is currently in D.C.) took me out to lunch at one of those restaurants that serves several tiny and artfully plated dishes.

We had some sparkling wine to begin our lunch, and we toasted, "To new beginnings...and friends."

This toast is more true now than it was four years ago. I'm about to embark on another new beginning (and hopefully a much better one than I had here). And where I find my new beginning, I also find my friend who joined me in that toast four years ago. I'm not saying goodbye to her as I was then. Instead, she will be part of my new beginning.
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Farlis and I met for lunch at 1...she was running a little late because she had a job interview. She showed up in her business suit, while I was casually dressed.

No matter. We had fun.

We split a plate of homemade flatbread and mozzarella slices and each had our own salad. I had the Insalata di Mele, which was greens with apple chunks, walnuts and so so good. Everything was fantastic. But I was stuffed. I still am. I don't think I'll be able to eat dinner.

While we were eating lunch, she suggested that we go see a movie. We had discussed seeing 27 Dresses before. So we went to the cinema afterwards, which was 2 doors down, and found that the matinee show started in 15 minutes. Perfect. So we got our tickets and enjoyed the movie.

It was nice to spend an afternoon not thinking about my job search problems.

Tomorrow, because it's cheap, we're meeting up to take a walk at the trail on the golf course. Plus we get some exercise, so bonus. But I think it also depends on the weather.
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I just got back from my afternoon with Ruth and Christine.

I'm glad I dressed up a bit, because we went to a fancy restaurant for lunch. I had no idea where we were going, and at the last minute, thought better of wearing jeans and switched them out for khakis.

The restaurant? Silvester's in Sittard. We started with an aperatif, which today was a sparkling Belgian wine. We had a toast (which is where I got my subject line for this post). Then the first course came, which was 3 tiny appetizers - some pumpkin cream rolled in a sliver of carrot, a cheese croquette in mustard sauce, and a tiny glass of mashed avacado with a pureed tomato relish on top. The next course was seafood: a shrimp, a tiny piece of fish in some kind of wasabi cream sauce, and a scallop with sesame crust that came with some kind of frothy sauce. The main course was plaice, mussels, a tiny dollop of mashed potatoes, and some kind of really delicious shredded Japanese cabbage, all covered in bechemel sauce. porn at its finest (no...I didn't get pictures, even though the food was artfully plated).

Ruth urged me to order dessert, so I got baked figs with clove ice cream and mascarpone cheese. She and Christine ordered coffee, which came with 2 good-sized trays of various little truffles and dessert bites, which they also shared with me.

All in all, a fabulous meal...what Lance would call pretentious, and perhaps he's right, but I like fine dining every now and then. This was a bunch of new and really interesting and delicious tastes for me.

We lingered there a long time. Ruth gave me a thick envelope which contained photos from several of our previous lunches together...most of them at Cafe Madrid, and one of the three of us that was taken at a castle in the Netherlands where we stopped for coffee and dessert back in June. Andrea was in some of the photos, and my favorite one has all four of us in it, and I'm going to get that framed.

On the way back from the restaurant, Christine handed me a wrapped gift and a card. The gift ended up being a copy of Philippa Gregory's The Boleyn Inheritance and I giggled, because she asked me yesterday if I had read that book and what I thought of Philippa Gregory's other books.

As excited as I am about our new home and getting to know the Pacific Northwest, I will really miss my friends here. The tears have been building for awhile, but haven't yet come. I'm thinking that I'll be having my good cry anytime now. I'm just so overwhelmed by how good and kind and thoughtful my friends are. I'm so very fortunate.
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Spent a good chunk of the afternoon with Teri and Glen today and their daughter, Erin (who is 19, so is one of the gang, as she's an adult). Had a nice Thanksgiving meal and then just spent the rest of the afternoon chatting.

They have 2 cats though, so now my allergies have flared up something fierce. But I'll be okay in a couple of days. Just can't really breathe so well at the moment.

Came home around 7 and threw together a pot of penne with homemade tomato sauce and chicken chunks.

Now I'm getting ready to curl up with Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. A cup of tea might not be a bad idea either. The steam might help me breathe.
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I thought I had said goodbye Teri and Jeff both last week, but as Lance and I walked toward the chow hall for our Thanksgiving dinner this evening, they were standing outside - Teri with her family and Jeff by himself (since he dropped Andrea off at the airport this morning).

He told me that Andrea read my card this morning and cried. I told her to wait until she got back from Canada. I just hope she wasn't too upset on the flight.

Anyway, we went in, handed the cashier our tickets, and got into the cafeteria line. The place was completely packed. They had some weird pate that nobody was eating, but most of it seemed like pretty standard Thanksgiving fare, except for perhaps the Beef Wellington and the salmon. Overall, the food was very good, but the pumpkin pie just wasn't right. The crust was spongy, not flaky like American pie crust. And the pumpkin was really shiny, like someone had sprayed a fine coat of lacquer on it. I kind of feel cheated out of pumpkin pie. It was good, but it wasn't real pumpkin pie. To their credit though, they served American dinner rolls (also brotchen, and I love brotchen, but I must have American dinner rolls with my Thanksgiving dinner).

We sat with Teri, her husband, their daughter, Jeff, and another officer (Lance always finds it odd that he is the only enlisted among officers at nearly every social gathering, but most of my friends here happen to be officers and/or their wives). Jeff bought a couple bottles of wine and brought wine glasses for everyone. We had a toast, and then chatted over dinner. It was the closest we could get to a big family Thanksgiving. And it was also a good way to say goodbye. I won't run into Jeff again...he leaves for Bavaria in a few days (although he vows to come to Seattle with Andrea and visit ASAP since his best friend lives in Issaquah and now we'll be there too). But we said goodbye...again. Teri is incapacitated because of her knee surgery, so if I see her again, it will probably be at Schinnen, and only if her husband brings her. Otherwise, I probably won't see her again. And I like her husband and their daughter a great deal too...just really great people with big, kind hearts. I will miss them all.

I left, satiated by dinner and the warm companionship of friends, but also feeling very sad.

Tomorrow won't be any better. The family is gathering in Findlay, and we're not there. And it won't feel like Thanksgiving here. I don't have the tools to even cook a turkey (nor do I particularly want to, having had 2 turkey dinners in the past 2 weeks)...I'm just doing a big pot of meatballs/L'il Smokies, a cheese plate, crescent rolls, pumpkin bread and apple pie a la mode. I can't even watch the Macy's parade this year. Mostly, I just feel lonely, bored and sad.

Christy called me today, which was nice. But I felt bad, because I told her last week I would call and it completely slipped my mind. We have plans to meet up for dinner a few nights before Lance and I leave. Her family will be leaving too, just a week or so after we leave. So we'll have the chance to say goodbye to them, although I suspect we'll see them again too, because they have family around Seattle. Everyone knows someone there, it seems.

I have plans on Friday for lunch. On the 28th, I go to Aachen with Christine and Ruth. A few days after that, they'll be doing something with me to send me off to my new life (it's all very hush-hush...not a peep from them about the plans). Each passing second brings us closer to Seattle.

This all feels very deja-vu. I believe my posts were quite similar when I was about to leave Ohio to move here. Four years ago. boggles the mind.
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Andrea's husband just joined Facebook yesterday, so I added him as a friend. He added me back, and when you add friends on Facebook, you are supposed to verify how you know them (I generally skip this step).

He asked me to verify that "we met randomly in 2006 while escaping a mob of crazed David Hasselhoff fans."


That's the best laugh I've had all day!

And laughing is good, because Andrea came over earlier to see me before she heads off to Canada in a couple of days.

We managed to hold it together. There were a few tears shed and a lot of hugging. It won't be real to her that I'm gone until she gets back from Canada. And it's hard to me to imagine her not being here because I still have almost 3 weeks left.
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Teri, Andrea and I at International Women's Club - Canadian Night. November 15, 2007

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I just got home from IWC a short while ago, and I had to fight back the tears as I was driving home.

I said goodbye to Teri second goodbye this week. The first was to Andrea's husband, Jeff, whom I absolutely adore, as husbands of my friends go. Teri has become a good friend to me over the past year too. I probably won't see her again because she had knee surgery last week and can't get around unless she gets a ride, and with my car situation being what it is, I can't really come to her.

Andrea will be coming by on Monday for our big cryfest. That will be the hardest one, I think.

Anyway, tonight was Canadian night. It was fun. We had Tourtiere (a French-Canadian ground pork pie) and baked beans, along with various desserts like maple fudge. When we came in, we were given a little shot glass with Canadian ice wine...really good stuff. I had enough for about 2 sips. And they had ketchup chips and salt & vinegar chips on the table...I normally hate potato chips, but these were yummy and addictive.

They had tons of Tourtiere left over, and they were passing out pies for people to take home. I snagged a whole pie, so Lance and I will be eating that over the weekend, probably with mashed potatoes and corn (and ketchup too, as I guess you eat the pie with ketchup).

They had games like musical chairs, but Andrea and I were more interested in sitting with Teri and talking.

My very last IWC...*sigh* I will miss it.

I got home and had to take out the trash and I was no sooner in my pajamas when the phone rang. It was Lance. So I called him back (it costs him about one GBP - over $2 for each minute to call me, since his calling card doesn't work there) and we just got off the phone. He might be coming home tomorrow earlier than scheduled, and I really hope he does, because today just drained me. I miss him, and I'm tired of being here alone with nothing to pass the time.
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See this absolutely adorable man standing between Ruth and myself? I acquired him today as my new personal chef. Hehehe.

He's the owner of Cafe Madrid, one of our favorite restaurants. We went there today for tapas. As we were paying the bill, Ruth explained to him (he doesn't really speak English well, just German and Spanish) that I am moving back to the United States, and that I needed to find a good tapas place in Seattle.

He got very excited and said, "Can she take me with her?"

I said yes, but only if he cooked tapas for me everyday at home.

He agreed. Hehehe.

(I can just see it now...Lance walks into the kitchen one day and asks, "Honey, who the hell is this strange Spanish man cooking potatoes in our kitchen?")

We asked him to take photos, but before we left, he insisted on having one with the two of us. Christine was there too, but she wanted to take the photo, rather than be in it.

Our menu today:

- Meat and cheese platter (manchego and sheep's cheeses, Serrano ham, chorizo, olives)
- crusty bread with aioli
- shrimp in garlic oil
- small potatoes with sea salt and Mujo sauce (never quite figured out what that was)
- mushrooms in cream sauce
- bacon-wrapped dates (my favorite thing)

All of it was delicious, as always. We ordered off the menu this time. Usually he picks out tapas out for us, knowing what we like (always the bacon-wrapped dates) but also giving us new stuff to try, usually seafood, and not stuff that we cared to have again. So we wanted to be in charge of the menu today.

We followed this with a walk for a couple of blocks to a coffee/sandwich shop, where we each had two coffee drinks: a Latte Macchiato for me, followed by a chocolate espresso.

It's been a good day. :)

Oh, and Ruth told me today that there's a very good chance she'll be in Seattle in January for a couple of weeks. I'm so excited about this. She plans to take me to some of her very favorite places and really introduce me to the city.


Nov. 13th, 2007 11:15 pm
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I just got back from the cinema. Andrea and Jeff picked me up shortly after 6 and we ate dinner at the cinema in the cafe they have there. I've been there before, but only for drinks. Their food isn't bad. I had gyro meat and fries with tzatziki sauce and washed it down with a Smirnoff Ice.

I tried to pay, but Jeff wouldn't let me. Their going away present to me, he said...they were treating me for the whole evening.

The movie of the night? Superbad - which has been advertised as the funniest movie of the year. Sure...if you're a 16 year old guy. But we found enough to keep us entertained. Not enough to where I would see it again, but I laughed. I actually think Lance would like it. It's kind of a combination of American Pie, Jay & Silent Bob and Napoleon least in the sense that there were things about this movie that reminded me of those movies. Lance likes more juvenile humor than I do. But in the end, the movie has a good message, and all the scenes with the cops were just stupid funny (and I mean that in a good way).

And hey, we got free Superbad zipper pulls. Random!

Lance called me while I was waiting for them to show up, so I couldn't talk to him but for a minute. I told him that I would call him back, but he said he would be at a pub until late probably. And that's where he is at the moment, I assume. I don't know how late I'll stay up to call him...I'm getting pretty tired. I might set the alarm and call him at some point in a couple of hours. He doesn't have any work to do tomorrow, so he doesn't need to get up early.
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Happiest of birthdays to [ profile] navygreen and [profile] hetterrific...I wish you both a wonderful day! *HUGS*

I'm heading out here shortly for the gym, where I need to work off last night's AWGK turkey dinner, as well as my sugar binge from Brussels on Saturday. I won a box of chocolates last night too, so I need to make a pre-emptive strike against that. Heh. Actually, that wasn't the only prize that I could choose from, but it didn't make sense to take a prize that I would have to box up and ship back to the States. So I took the only edible prize. It should appease Lance, who was confused and slightly upset that I didn't bring home any Belgian chocolates the other day.

As everyone was leaving, someone asked me when I was moving, and I said December 9th. And then she said that had she known that, I would've gotten a proper AWGK send-off. But really, that's okay. For the most part, I want to go quietly. Besides, most of the women in the organization don't really know me all that well. Almost every time I go to a meeting, I'm asked if I'm new. That's how unnoticeable I am. And that's okay. I tend to show up, find the table where Andrea and Teri are sitting, and spend all evening there, so I really don't spend a lot of time talking to other people. It's not that I'm closed off from's just that my current friends are people whom I know to be sincere and loyal, and I'm not in a place where I feel like getting emotionally attached to other people, only to have them turn on me, as has happened so many times before since I've lived here. I've lost so many friends here before our friendships hardly even started, and I don't even know what I did to make them turn against me. I'm just myself, and that's all I can be.

Anyway, I'm going to the movies with Andrea and Jeff tonight, lunch tomorrow with Christine, Ruth and Andrea (if we can track Ruth down...she has been incommunicado for 2 weeks now), and IWC on Thursday I'm not lacking for things to do this week. And that's great, because anything that makes the time go faster is fine by me. But Thursday night might very well be my final night out with Andrea (she leaves for a 3 week trip to Canada next week) and I probably won't see Teri again, so it'll be emotional, for sure.

I should get off to spinning class now...I meant to leave earlier than this.


Oct. 4th, 2007 04:34 pm
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I just got a rejection email for a job I applied for at OU back when we thought we were going to Tinker.

I already assumed I didn't get it, considering that they didn't deign to respond to my application within a reasonable amount of time. But I find it quite hilarious, actually, considering circumstances have changed.


I just got back a short while ago from lunch. Our lunches tend to last several hours. I will miss that.

One thing we will no longer do at Cafe Madrid - allow the owner of the restaurant to pick our tapas for us. He does bring what we like, but he always brings stuff that we're not too sure about. Today it was calamari and mussels. We ate them, but they're not our favorite things. So we'll just order off the menu from now on so we know for sure what we're getting.

I was assured that there will be a next time. They said we would have my farewell lunch at Cafe Madrid. Awwwww...*love*.

After lunch, we lingered over coffees (I drink macchiatos on occasion) and then walked around Heinsberg for a bit. It's a gorgeous autumn day. Warm enough to wear only a light jacket, with just the slightest hint of crispness in the air. We stopped in another cafe for more coffees (I had tea this time). All in all, just a lovely afternoon with my equally lovely friends, and I'm getting more and more sad about leaving them.

It seems that overnight, the leaves on our Magnolia have changed (they are still mostly green, but are now taking on a yellowish-brown hue) and the ladybugs have started taking over the world. I love this time of year. I'm getting the nesting instinct that I always get...the longing to make thick stews and bake breads and apple crisp.

I have done nothing moving-related today whatsoever. I am really at a loss about what to do. Most of the work is Lance's to do...all the paperwork and stuff, anyway. I'm just supposed to continue checking the real estate listings and perusing job ads. And I sort through stuff here and there, deciding what we'll keep and what we'll get rid of.


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