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If you're a writer, photographer or a visual artist who wants to get some exposure, BellaOnline now has a new online literary review - BeMused.

No payment, but since BellaOnline has a sizeable audience, you will get a good amount of exposure for your work.

Just thought I would pass that along. I may submit some photography myself (perhaps some writing too, although I don't have any pieces appropriate for it at the moment), but it has to be stuff that hasn't been published online previously. And that would be roughly zero of my photos that are even worthy of publication.

(For those of you who are new to my journal, I was an editor at BellaOnline for over a year. I left in April to pursue other projects.)

By the way, they have finally acquired a new English Culture editor...although she's been around long enough that she has quite a few articles posted. She is an editor on another BellaOnline site too, so I'm actually quite familiar with her, because we were in correspondence when I was still with BellaOnline. I must say, it's quite odd not to see my articles on the site anymore (well, they're still there...just not on the main site). But I like her style. I think she'll bring a nice, new perspective to the topic.
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Since I am well aware that not everyone here is a regular reader of my English Culture forum (and I assume that really NONE of you are), I'm going to post this here, in case anyone has any suggestions.

Here's my article about Victorian/Dickensian Christmas festivals and events:

(I apologize for the pun in the title...I couldn't resist).

If you know of any not on this list, please tell me. I want to make this list as comprehensive as possible. There are literally thousands of these types of festivals, and I wanted to cover some of the larger ones that are yearly events (I laugh at the "Victorian Christmas" at places like Dollywood and Branson, MO). But obviously I could never include them all.



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