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You learn something new everyday.

So it all started Monday when I called my doctor's office to switch out a prescription. She took me off my bc pill and put me on the Nuva Ring. Well, after 3 months of using that, I absolutely hate it, so I called to get switched back to the pill.

A short while later, the doc's office called me back to confirm that they called my prescription into Target and I could go pick it up.

I tried to pick it up later on that day. Target told me that they had absolutely no record of the prescription.

So the next morning I called the doctor's office again. I was told that they had indeed called the scrip into Target, but that they would do it again for good measure.

Today I was in Target. Checked at the pharmacy counter. Again, no record of my prescription.

Now I was getting angry. Since my doc's office is just a couple miles down the hill anyway, I decided to go there in person.

Walked in and talked to a person at reception. She looked up my record.

"Oh yes. Target called us on Tuesday evening to reject your prescription. According to their records, you have a history of Angina, and they refuse to fill your scrip."

*blink blink*


I started laughing, almost maniacally. "Angina? Wouldn't I know if I had that? Wouldn't it be in my medical records?"

So I was told to sit in the waiting room and a nurse would speak with me.

She came out a short time later and was kind of chuckling. She explained that she was the one who called in my prescription. No, she has no idea where Target got this idea that I had Angina, and when she asked them about it, they told her that I gave them that information.


So then I asked her why they had no problem filling my Nuva Ring prescription, yet refuse to give me Ortho Tri-Cyclen. It was my understanding that they had roughly the same hormones.

"I was wondering that myself," she said.

We laughed.

So doctor will take care of this tomorrow. And if Target insists that I cannot have this prescription, they will call it into Walgreens for me.

*rolls eyes*

That's it. My stupid quota has been met for today.
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After my doctor appointment (which ran long because I waited almost 45 minutes after my appointment time until the doctor saw me) and a quick lunch here at home, Lance and I ventured out to McChord. He wanted to take the Mazda. So I let him drive it for the first time. He test drove one when we first went to the dealership. But he has never driven MY Mazda.

I think he was enjoying it almost a little too much. Except for the traffic. The traffic was horrible. So he never did get to really test the cruise control all that much. Too much stop and go.

Fortunately, our exit was about half a mile down the freeway from the jack-knifed semi that was jamming up traffic, so we were able to make an escape. My car is now registered at the base. And even though our entire reason for going there proved to be fruitless, we at least picked up a few groceries that I had need of and we got all the mail that accumulated in our box since last weekend.

So now...will start dinner here shortly. Then an evening stripping wallpaper. Then maybe some reading and some paper journaling and some television watching.

As for my doc appointment, that seemed almost pointless too. She upped my dosage of the anti-anxiety meds that I'm on, since the current dosage did absolutely nothing. She said if the double dose works better, then just save the pills only for high-anxiety situations (job interviews were the specific situations we were concerned about). She also put me on Elavil (again) to help me sleep. I told her about my issues with Elavil last time, but she put me on a very low dose. So we'll see how I do with that. I'm paying this time to experiment with these pills, so these better work.
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I forever curse whoever invented wallpaper. Curse you!

Can you tell I spent the entire morning wallpaper stripping? It comes off easily enough, but it's the stupid paste that stays on the wall and I have to scrub and scrub and scrub to get all that crap off. It's so tedious and time consuming. Not to mention messy.

Anyway, I still have one wall to do. I worked from 9-12:30, so I figured it was time to call it a day. It's nice outside and some fresh air would do me good, especially after inhaling DIF fumes all morning.

I still have a messy drop cloth on the floor, but I'm trying to reuse it. I threw most of the wallpaper away that was on it, but I can't get all the little bits and pieces. I also got wallpaper all over my clothes and my shoes, and now there are bits of it embedded in the carpet all over the house. So once I'm done tomorrow, a thorough vacuuming is also in order.

I think after I'm done eating, some laundry might be in order. My Old Navy yoga pants are crusted with wallpaper paste, dried DIF, and little bits of paper.

Lance and I are invited to a wedding in Minnesota in August. It was supposed to be in July of next year, but it was moved forward a year. Lance was asked to be one of the groomsmen, so he pretty much has to be there. But it depends on the cost of airfare whether I go or not. Already, it's $300 round trip, and since I am still in my perpetual state of joblessness, it's an unnecessary expense. I know Lance will go no matter what...the groom is one of his oldest friends. But I talked to M this morning and he told me that he would understand if we couldn't make it, especially seeing as how he didn't come to our wedding. But Lance is planning on a summer visit home was going to be around July 4th, but he'll move it back a month.

At least if I go, I already have a dress to wear. But there is just so much that is unknown right now, that I can't commit to anything.

In Tricare news, the insurance issue is fixed. Turns out the claim was filed under my social security number and not Lance's, so once that was established, Tricare said they would pay for everything and we have nothing to worry about. Whew. I'm so glad I don't have to shell out $400 for a routine gyno exam. I will definitely be calling Tricare before I get a mammogram this year, however.
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It's not even 3pm, and I accomplished all the tasks I set out to do today. I not only started the Gottingen guide, but I FINISHED it. That's the first time I wrote an entire travel guide in one day, and it took around 4 hours. So after dinner, I'm going to proofread all 4 guides I've been working on, and send them to my client. Then hopefully I will get paid before we leave for our cruise.

Both floors are vacuumed. Lance helped me with this (he came home really early from work). He dry mopped the stairs and the tile floors downstairs while I vacuumed upstairs, and then all I had to do was vacuum the downstairs carpeting.

Now I can actually take a bit of a breather. Still not motivated to work on the Valkenburg article though.


In health news, I find it a bit interesting that Lance has actually noticed the extreme amount of hair I've been losing. Since about the end of June or so, it has been coming out in CLUMPS. I literally run my hand through my hair and come out with a handful of it. This happens several times a day. I thought I lost a lot of hair before, but this is more than usual. Lance noticed because of the amount of hair that the dry mop picked up. I don't have bald spots or anything. Yet.

Lance thinks stress is the cause, but I don't think so. Stress usually manifests itself in my gut, making me feel nauseated on a rather frequent basis. This is another sign that my thyroid could be going wonky, but I just had my last thyroid test about a year ago, and as always, it was normal. I know blood tests aren't conclusive, but my insurance won't cover more comprehensive tests (and I'm not too worried about it, because I still managed to lose weight, even though I had to fight for every pound after that first month).

An online acquaintance (someone who used to read my English Culture site and post in my discussion forum) sent me a private message the other day, because she had seen some of my posts in the Holistic Health forum on BellaOnline. She told me that she has the exact same symptoms I have, and she thinks it's Candida Yeast Overgrowth, so she's trying home remedies to take care of it. I went to the website she linked and took the test and scored a 23...a score of 10 or higher indicates a strong chance that you have it. So I don't know what to make of this...a lot of doctors apparently think that it's a bunch of hooey, but then again, a lot of doctors also think stuff like acupuncture is stupid.

I'm also not ruling out that I could be gluten intolerant. I haven't been tested for that yet, but the symptoms I have (which could be any number of different things) are also indicative of that. I'm almost afraid to find out. I would have to change my entire way of eating. And nobody else in my family has it (or if they do, they don't know it). From what I understand, it's hereditary.

Right now, I'm not really worrying about anything. I'm not feeling so bad. And this isn't anything I want to pursue right now. I may address these issues later, once we move. I have too many other things to think about right now.


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