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Claire Sophie England

10 pounds (exactly)
21 inches long

We don't really know the time of the birth because we still find the time difference confusing. Mom didn't know if it was 6:30 AM or 6:30 PM when Claire came forth into the world. So I think the question is right now, is her birthday June 3rd or June 4th? I'm going with June 4th, and I think she was born in the morning. I believe it's about 7:30 am or so on the 4th in Guam right now, so this would make more sense, since Mom just got the phone call a short while ago.

Cristine and baby are doing great. Eva is a big sister!

I hope to have a picture soon.

ETA: She was born at 3:15 AM on June 4th. I already have pictures posted, if you want to be on the filter.
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NIECE NUMBER 2!!!!!!!!!
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Eva and her proud papa!
Eva and her proud papa!
This little one is going to be a Daddy's girl...I can feel it!

And I can't stop thinking that my kid brother is a dad! In so many ways, he is still just a kid to me. I didn't start seeing him as an adult until I was at his graduation from basic training in the Navy. And I still have a hard time seeing him that way. And now HE'S A FATHER. I just find it incomprehensible.
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I am absolutely ecstatic to announce the birth of my niece:

Eva Jenet England (There's an accent over one of those e's in Jenet - it's French)

Born sometime after 6 pm on 11/7/07 at the US Naval Hospital, Guam (so yes, she was born early in the day for me here in Germany and for my mother in Ohio).

Brown hair, blue eyes, good set of lungs (she gets that from me...hehe). Mom talked to my brother while he was in the room with Cristine and the baby and she could hear Eva crying in the background.

She weighed about 7.5 pounds. (I use weights that weigh more than that!)

Pictures forthcoming.

As to why my brother didn't call...he had no explanation, really. Everyone was tired. He was thrilled that he got to deliver the baby. When Cristine got to her final push, he was allowed to go around and pull Eva out into the world.

I congratulated my Mom, who is now Nanna, on her first granddaughter. She congratulated me on my first niece.

Chocolate cigars for everyone! ;)

(Oh, and for once, I WAS NOT THE LAST TO KNOW! Mom had 2 other phone calls to make after she called me. Hehe.)
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My brother called my mom last night and they're at the hospital and Cristine's water broke.


Mom's email was timed 2:15 AM, which was nearly 7 hours ago, so she might already be here!

ETA (10:50 AM): Mom just called. No word yet. And she's about to leave for work and cannot be reached by telephone once she's there, so she's upset because she has to wait until she gets off work before she hears the news. She says that she'll be the last to know that she's finally a grandmother, but I told her that's not true...I'll be the last to know, because I'm positive nobody will call me with the news before she finds out.

Since I've lived in Germany, I've been the last to know EVERYTHING, unless the big news happens to be mine.


Oct. 31st, 2007 09:51 am
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Happy Halloween to all!! Lance and I have a party to go to tonight, so hopefully our jetlag won't be too bad. I was in bed (or air mattress, I should say) around 9:15 last night, and I fell asleep almost instantly. And I actually slept through the night, except for when I got up once to use the bathroom. How weird. Usually my jetlag has me up wandering the house in the wee hours of the morning. But I was asleep until our alarm went off at 7.

So now we're waiting for Schinnen to come with some loaner furniture. They are scheduled to come anywhere between 8 AM and 5 PM. We are not pleased about this.

But I've used this opportunity to tidy up the house a bit, and because the spiders are getting out of control outside the front door, I went out with a can of Raid and a broom. I killed at least 6 of them that had built webs around the front door.

Oh, and I heard from my brother...Eva is scheduled to be born on November 9th by c-section, provided she doesn't get herself into the proper birthing position by then. My brother and his wife wisely decided not to let the doctor turn Eva over, because it would cause Cristine considerable pain and there are risks to the baby. And there is only a 65% chance of it actually working anyway. So they'll keep their fingers crossed and hope that she gets out of breach position so that Cristine can give birth naturally, or they'll do the c-section a week from Friday.'s all happening so fast! It doesn't seem like all that long ago that I found out they were expecting!

Anyway...I have things I've wanted to post about for awhile and haven't had the chance to...

First off, I already found a cute table for the kitchen at our new house. The McChord base exchange is selling it for $199.99. I just have to hope they still have it in stock when I want to buy it...or that they can at least order it, in which case, I would have to wait 6-8 weeks for it to arrive.

And Lance found similar looking bar chairs for the breakfast bar at Home Depot. So it won't be an exactly matched set, but it will be coordinated, which is just fine.


I read The Other Boleyn Girl almost in its entirety during the flight to Seattle. It's about 750 pages and I read at least 600. Excellent book! Obviously a page-turner. On the way back here to Germany, I read Water for Elephants...another fabulous book. That's our book club selection for November and I honestly hadn't expected to like it since it's so far removed from what I normally read. But it was really really outstanding.

YAY! Schinnen is here! Furniture!!

Which means that I will be back later with pictures! We need a coffee table so we can get my computer set up. Lance's laptop is not the best place for me to upload photos, since he doesn't have Photoshop.

Anyway, I have missed you all and I haven't been able to keep up with you for almost 2 weeks now. Please direct me to any recent news in comments.


Oct. 30th, 2007 07:25 pm
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Since there seems to be some confusion, we do not move to Washington until December. We were there only to find a house. The Air Force moved our stuff because it will take about 6 weeks to get there from here, and we want to time our stuff so that it arrives about the time that we get in the house.

Lance still has work to do here. He's not supposed to report for duty at his new job until December 20th at the latest.

Anyway...we are back in Germany after about 24 hours of travel by planes and trains, and sitting around in airports.

Having a house in Washington does a lot to take the edge off of my leaving here. It will still be emotional for me and difficult to leave my friends, but having a house waiting for us sure makes it a bit easier. And I'm more annoyed than I am happy to be back. We had to go to Schinnen right away to get food, since we had nothing at the house. Lance decided that we would order a pizza to take home since my idea of dinner was going to be baked potatoes and tomato soup. But it took them forever to make our pizza and we were there much longer than we wanted to be.

And then we came home to an empty house.

I'm still dying to take a shower, but I have no clean underwear at the moment, so laundry is going. The first load should be about done and then I can take a shower and hopefully go to bed not long after that.

We get loaner furniture tomorrow. Then we can set up my computer and I can be back online as normal. You don't know how happy this makes me. It's the little things.

As of next Monday, Lance and I will be on niece watch. Eva was (is?) in the breach position and the doctor was hoping to turn her around today. Failing that, Cristine will have a c-section on Monday. If he is successful in getting her turned around, Cristine will proceed with a natural birth, but the doctor will not allow her to go any later than the 19th. I hope for Cristine's sake that she doesn't have to have the c-section, but it knocks me out to think that I could have a niece come Monday.
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I'M GETTING A NIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD....I'M GETTING A NIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(They think they are going to name her Eva Lilliana).

And dammit...WHY CAN'T I GET A HOLD OF LANCE WHEN I HAVE GOOD NEWS?? GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! It's his niece too, after all.


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