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I have just been informed that Geotimes will be publishing my Valkenburg article next month.


Now...I'm just waiting for my travel guides to hit the internets. Two of them are up already, but I've written...gosh, a million or something (it sure feels that way) I'm waiting for sidestep to get the rest of them online.


Jul. 30th, 2007 08:23 pm
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I am now registered on the state of Oklahoma job link. It seems every job site has its own custom resume form that I have to fill out, so the fact that I have one already on my hard drive is rather pointless.

Anyway, we'll see if this does me any good.

In other news, the landlord's old man came over with a chainsaw and jabbered at me in German. I figured he came to do some trimming, so I gave my consent. What I didn't realize he was going to do was chop down the top half of all the shrubs that make up the "fence" between our backyard and the farm road next to us. Now everyone who walks by can see into our backyard.

I feel so exposed.

He's coming back tomorrow to finish the job. He should also be weeding our garden, since we pay him to do it, but I won't hold my breath. I'm not sure what the point was in lopping off the top of the shrubs. There was nothing wrong with them.

Lance came home at the exact moment that dinner was ready. I love it when that happens. I had planned on keeping it warm, but there was no need. I threw together "Easy Chicken Pasta Primavera," a recipe I hadn't tried before, but that I will make again. It was very quick, tasty, and healthy (although I doubt there's anything really healthy about bottled fat free ranch dressing, but that would be the only questionable ingredient). Just chicken, garlic, fettuccine, carrots, broccoli, a little olive oil, a little parmesan cheese, ranch dressing, basil, lemon peel and pepper. I got the recipe from, but as usual, I can never follow a recipe exactly. I added the lemon peel and fresh cracked pepper to it, and I think it was a good call. Lance doesn't love ranch dressing, so I had to disguise the taste of it. He had no clue.

While I was in the kitchen cleaning up, post-dinner, I accidently slammed my hip into the corner of the counter, right on the bone. Yeowch!! Nobody ever accused me of being graceful (it's a wonder I got an A in ballet class when I took it as a college elective). I think I'm going to get a lovely bruise there now.

I turned in my current writing projects today and told my editor that I need to lighten the workload. I explained the upcoming move and our upcoming travels and how life is about to get insane. I mentioned that I could take on a COUPLE of small projects until August 10. He assigned me four. In what universe does a couple = 4?

No matter...I should be able to get them done. I'm going to Valkenburg on Wednesday, so I need to find the time to do the write-up on that too before we leave. Plus I'm trying to finish a Jon Katz book ( Dog Days: Dispatches from Bedlam Farm) to write up a review and I will probably finish I, Mona Lisa tomorrow, which I need to give back to Christine so she can pass it on to someone else for book club.

I spent a little bit of time checking out our cruise ship today. The Bridge Cam shows that it is currently on its way to Copenhagen (camera - wet...sea - choppy). A new cruise starts tomorrow (a slightly different itinerary from ours) and then after that one, ours begins. I checked out all the various decks on the ship...our deck (Lido) has two huge swimming pools (one open, one enclosed), a few hot tubs, a pizza restaurant, and a hamburger/hotdog grill restaurant...and a couple of bars. Most of the other good stuff is below our deck, and there is the dance club (which I would love to do, but Lance probably wouldn't) on the very top deck. Lance says (and I have no idea where he gets this information) that we'll probably be among the youngest people onboard the ship...he feels it will be full of older folks. So we'll see if he's right. I don't mind...I seem to get along with older folks better than with those my own age. I guess it's because I have an old soul (so I've been told).

Believe it or not, I might actually relax on this cruise, instead of spending my free time scribbling copious notes. But then again, part of the joy for me is recording every detail of our travels. But this travel writer might be getting a tad burned out on the writing...not the traveling, though.
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Well, it will only be a matter of days before I have all my travel journal entries moved over to The Itinerant Writer.

Meanwhile, the blog just looks sloppy to me, and I've been reading the Help section inside and out, and can't see that there's any way to put your text behind a cut. A lot of those entries are really long. It would be nice just to have the first one or two paragraphs on display, and then have people click if they want to read more.

Just trying to get used to it, I guess. It's different from what I'm used to. But it's much easier than logging out of this account to log into the other LJ account. And the name [ profile] hauptstrasse no longer holds any meaning for us anyway.

I'll probably end up taking a lot of time while I'm in Ohio and trying to tweak this thing and customize it a bit. Although I'm not sure if I can learn that fast. I've been on Live Journal for 6 years now, and I still haven't learned how to customize my journal. Other people have done the work for me. I can't even make icons. I'm useless when it comes to this stuff. So I don't know how I'm going to learn to master Blogger in a short amount of time. At least I know the basics.



I got a fair chunk of the Tallinn travel guide done today. I was told to do a small guide (1250 words), even though Tallinn is a capital city. I was a bit skeptical about that, and I could make the final decision if I felt it needed to be 2500 words (and thus also increasing my pay for this project...well, would you look at that!). But I've been doing research on Tallinn, and it seems not even Frommer's provides a lot of information.

This is why I love Virtual Tourist. That website has saved me on so many of these writing projects.

It's still going to be 1250 words in the end, I think, but at least now I have information about restaurants (Frommer's only recommends one), and things to do that are off the beaten path (although one could argue that the entire city of Tallinn is off the beaten path). And I also chose 2 tourist advisories out of a whole slew of them that are listed on the site (what is the exact quantity of a slew anyway?).

Only somewhat related, but the weather leading up to my departure on Thursday is supposed to stay cool and rainy. Perfect weather to stay inside and write!

Also somewhat related, because Tallinn is one of our cruise destinations and so is Gdansk...get this...

There is a church in Gdansk that can seat 25,000 people. Can you imagine? Obviously I must visit this place and see it with my own eyes.


It's been a very boring evening (yeah, I know...what else is new?). I slept horribly last night, but couldn't take a nap today, even though I was tired. I laid in bed wide awake for an hour before I gave up. I was not hungry at dinner, and once I felt like eating, I couldn't decide what to eat. Lance already fixed his own dinner. I've been so unfocused today. I have had to force myself to work on various projects just to try and maintain some semblance of normalcy. I need to channel my thoughts somewhere.

Sure, it's excitement for my brother and Cristine and my semi-baked niece. But it's more than that. I'm just distracted today.

Surprisingly enough, I was able to find an attention span long enough to read about 50 pages of The Virgin Suicides. I want to finish this book before I leave in 6 days.

Should I mention that I still have awful soreness in my right arm? Every single time I stretch my arm or reach for something...or even when Lance hugs me (because his arms go right there in the exact place where I got the shot), I wince in pain. I certainly hope it feels better tomorrow.


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