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It looks nothing like the mock-up they sent me, and they still didn't correct one very important thing: the picture of "Marco Pizzato" might not be of Marco at all. The man IS in the Pizzato family, but I don't think he's Marco. I tried to clear up this mistake, but it wasn't fixed. Marco is the founder of the shop, and probably long dead. When I wrote the photo captions, I called him Signore Pizzato.

I actually think the mock-up looks better than the actual article, but I will have to see how it looks in the newspaper first. It probably looks different online than it does in print. I have a feeling the print version will look more like the mock-up.

Also, they added a link there that I didn't give them. There is no website for Ceramiche Artistiche Ancora, and the website they give isn't a website for them, it's only mentioned on it. I'm a bit miffed at this, because anyone who clicks on this link is not going to find the information they are looking for, and they will blame me.

At least they spelled shopping with 2 p's. It was only spelled with one on the mock-up. The original title was supposed to be "Pick Your Pottery: Italy's Nove is a fine place to go shopping." I liked it. Now it's just "Italian town of Nove perfect for pottery shopping."

Oh well. First, Stars & Stripes. Perhaps later, The New York Times.

One can dream.
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Heads up, military friends in Europe...

My article is appearing in the Stars and Stripes tomorrow (go figure...I've been waiting for weeks, and they finally publish it when I'm not there). I was emailed the mock-up pages, and other than a couple of minor problems, they look very good and I'm completely ecstatic. I was rather late in responding to the email, so hopefully they will have time to make the couple of corrections that I suggested (one of them was a spelling mistake in the TITLE...which isn't even something that I wrote...pretty sad that I have to correct the editor).

I already asked a friend of mine to obtain about 5 copies, and I'll alert Lance on the phone today, so he can pick up a few copies tomorrow.

For everyone not in Europe, you can view it tomorrow at

Click on the travel section.


(And yes, I am up because of jetlag. How are you?)


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