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Teri, Andrea and I at International Women's Club - Canadian Night. November 15, 2007

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I just got home from IWC a short while ago, and I had to fight back the tears as I was driving home.

I said goodbye to Teri second goodbye this week. The first was to Andrea's husband, Jeff, whom I absolutely adore, as husbands of my friends go. Teri has become a good friend to me over the past year too. I probably won't see her again because she had knee surgery last week and can't get around unless she gets a ride, and with my car situation being what it is, I can't really come to her.

Andrea will be coming by on Monday for our big cryfest. That will be the hardest one, I think.

Anyway, tonight was Canadian night. It was fun. We had Tourtiere (a French-Canadian ground pork pie) and baked beans, along with various desserts like maple fudge. When we came in, we were given a little shot glass with Canadian ice wine...really good stuff. I had enough for about 2 sips. And they had ketchup chips and salt & vinegar chips on the table...I normally hate potato chips, but these were yummy and addictive.

They had tons of Tourtiere left over, and they were passing out pies for people to take home. I snagged a whole pie, so Lance and I will be eating that over the weekend, probably with mashed potatoes and corn (and ketchup too, as I guess you eat the pie with ketchup).

They had games like musical chairs, but Andrea and I were more interested in sitting with Teri and talking.

My very last IWC...*sigh* I will miss it.

I got home and had to take out the trash and I was no sooner in my pajamas when the phone rang. It was Lance. So I called him back (it costs him about one GBP - over $2 for each minute to call me, since his calling card doesn't work there) and we just got off the phone. He might be coming home tomorrow earlier than scheduled, and I really hope he does, because today just drained me. I miss him, and I'm tired of being here alone with nothing to pass the time.
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You know, I think I may have a chance at getting a book published.

At IWC this evening, this woman I don't know approached me and introduced herself, and told me that she's been reading my travel blog and enjoying it a lot and she thinks it's hilarious. I was very surprised, flattered, and a little embarrassed. I have trouble accepting compliments gracefully.

But felt great.

And then you have unsolicited and inappropriate compliments, which would be the drunk guy in the Frisbee Club bar telling me that I have a nice ass. But I shouldn't care too much, because he apparently said something similar to every woman that walked into the bar this evening. He even took it upon himself to come out of the bar and accost us all when we were waiting in line for our food.

Anyway, it was an interesting night, and a desperately needed respite from all the travel, overwhelming life stuff, etc.

Lance had an equally exciting evening, but not in a good way. He picked up the rental car for our trip to Belgium tomorrow, and was driving it this evening to go get dinner with Kim. And he had an accident. No serious damage done...the passenger side mirror was torn off and is dangling from the car, and he damaged the mirror on the car that he hit. But he talked to the guy who owned that car, and he was cool about it. We were told by the car rental company that our USAA insurance covers rental cars completely, so I suppose we'll have to pay a deductible on it or something, which will probably cost us more than just paying for the rental car company's insurance in the first place.

Our trip to Belgium might not happen now. Too much anxiety over the events of this evening and such, I guess. We'll have to pay for one night's hotel (unless I explain about the car accident, and maybe they'll take pity and not charge us for it). If we don't go, that's actually fine with me. I felt like I got to see enough of Bruges when I was there the first time.
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Just got home from Italian night.

I was impressed. They actually served us our food instead of making us stand in line for our food, which is generally served cafeteria style. They put huge trays of bruschetta on the tables, and we each got our own pizza margheritas (cheese pizza). Not sure what they had for dessert. I left before they served it, although I had seen them walking around with trays of panettone.

There was dancing, and I danced a little, but I was still full, so that made dancing a bit unpleasant. They were playing some oldies, which kind of gave us a preview of next month, and I don't think there will be a problem getting people out on the dance floor.

We got a nice Christmas gift from the IWC. Everyone got a little bag of chocolates from Rousseau Chocolade in Sittard. They are cute - little bells and holly berries and a white and milk chocolate snowman (that is almost too cute to eat) and a white and milk chocolate Santa. There is a little ornament tied to the bag. (Click on the link to see the snowman...seriously, so cute!)

Anyway, it was fun. And it's our party next month, so I need to start putting together some kind of 50's outfit. I have to find some appropriate shoes...probably Keds. I don't really have anything right now that is appropriate for a sock hop theme.


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