Nov. 9th, 2011

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The good news is, the range of motion in my shoulder is much improved today.

The bad news is, I spent a great deal of the afternoon sick to my stomach.

It seems I can't be totally well. But this is a stressful time, so it seems only natural that I'd have a physical reaction to all the stress.

Well, and I ate chocolate-covered coffee beans, which is what triggered my stomachache in the first place.

Around 4, my stomach started growling, so I tested it out by eating a Nutrigrain bar. I actually felt better. So I decided to go ahead and make dinner. I already had chili defrosting, so I just put that on the stove, made some seashell pasta, baked some cornbread muffins and had chili mac for dinner. And I feel completely better now. Thankfully, the nausea was short-lived.

I think I'm still going to take Vicodin at night for the time being. When I toss and turn in bed, I sometimes get a painful twinge in my shoulder. I can be super careful during the day, because I know what specific movements cause pain. I'm trying to stretch that shoulder as much as possible and keep it as limber as possible, and it's helping. I'm just being careful not to re-injure it.


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